An Astronomical Poem

Good morning, lanes of black dust   Good morning lanes of black dust escaping into space at a furious rate You have rotation plus gravity lanes of black dust glowing gas all around what are those spots? Stars, they are in you lanes of black dust they’re lost in the glare which we always call … Continue reading

Tenderloin Steppin’

I woke up from a dream in which I’d been sobbing. In the dream I’d traveled north to find my brother and my mom and my childhood dog. My dream took place in the time just before we had put him to sleep, and I was petting him, saying my farewells. I rolled over and … Continue reading

Welcome Home (a bus ride)

Welcome Home (a bus ride)

“Please hold on,” chimes the familiar, robotic voice as the bus begins to move again. I close my eyes lightly and take a deep breath. This sensation, this whole scene is all too familiar. Riding the Muni bus downtown in San Francisco. For me, it’s the same ride I’ve been taking for 3 years. But … Continue reading

Things implicating things

So much to be seen in the spaces we occupy a wide room covered in clutter that upon closer inspection tells a story of active existences intersecting. A haphazard bowl of scrap foil holding fresh red and yellow cherry-sized plums. Amidst the wreckage of empty bottles, ash and art supplies that tell of the destructive … Continue reading

After “What the Living Do”

A special person recently shared an excellent poem with me. It found it so relatable and inspiring that I wrote my own version of it, altering each line to fit my current existence in Tanzania. So here it is…   After “What the Living Do” by Marle Howe   Dada, there’s a cockroach that roams my room … Continue reading

Some Positives, Some Negatives

Something I’ve noticed about life throughout my experience, is that good luck and bad luck often come hand in hand, all bundled up together, in the same convenient package. That was especially true of my most recent adventure in Bongo-land; so I’ll break it down for you, my recent ups and downs… Last weekend I … Continue reading



            Somewhere it’s always dawn, a spiraling miasma of color promising chance again reinvented to reach into the world’s treasure trove mystery grab bag and feast upon its beautiful people   Someone’s fire is always burning, boiling away a small part of the sky under two rainbows that circumnavigate the … Continue reading